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12 ensemble's debut 12" LP 'Resurrection' is a powerful collection of works for strings that transform the old into the new.


Alongside the premiere recordings of Kate Whitley’s ‘Autumn Songs’ and Bryce Dessner’s ‘Réponse Lutosławski’, the LP features Lutosławski’s personal and emotional tribute to Bartók, ‘Musique Funèbre’. 


This debut release reflects the ensemble’s spirit of bringing a new sense of energy and exploration to established sounds and ideas. It highlights the ensemble’s unique commitment to approaching and exploring music with the depth and sincerity of a chamber group, coupled with the virtuosic individual strengths of all twelve musicians.” 


LP Side A:
Witold Lutosławski - Musique Funèbre
Kate Whitley - Autumn Songs 


Side B:
Bryce Dessner - Réponse Lutosławski


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